"Simiyan Donne'" Earrings

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The “Simiyan Donne'” stud earrings are tiny, delicate, and can be used for every occasion. Its design was inspired by the local hot pepper seeds found in the Marianas. The vibrant colors of orange signify the flaming heat that attracts birds, cows, and islanders to harvest them.

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Price: $24.00 for 3mm Earrings.

Order ships out on Saturdays. Local pickup option is available for those in Saipan and is available on Saturdays. Once order is placed, you will be contacted by us to make arrangements for pickup. For international orders, please contact us.

Earring: Two spondylus shells, in a circular shape on top of 14k gold plated 925 sterling silver. Shell color may vary as each shell is unique. Sturdy and oxidation resistant. 

Measurements: 3mm stud on 3mm earring

Materials: Spondylus shells on 14k gold plated earring with stainless steel earring stopper

Artist: Momoko Mary Koyama Halstead

Momoko Mary Koyama Halstead is the artist, designer, and owner of SPN.dylus670, a modernized cultural jewelry collection using spondylus shells. She is the first cultural producer from the Northern Mariana Islands to be featured in the Guampedia online gift shop. Halstead was born and raised on Saipan in the Northern Mariana Islands. She is a mother of three beautiful daughters who serve as her main motivations in life. Halstead’s passion for the arts and culture are ever-present in her work as she creates designs suitable for all ages so that one may, “take a piece of home wherever you may go.”

Halstead lives by the phrase “everything happens for a reason.” In high school, she was encouraged to join the Tasi and Ali’i’s Polynesian dance group by one of their musicians, the late Faaea “Uncle Tala” Talalemotu. Although hesitant at first, the words of Uncle Tala to “just try it out and if you don’t like it, just quit,” persuaded her to join. Halstead fell in love with the art form and has continued this love of dance for over 15 years, eventually becoming a team leader herself within the group

Halstead would enroll herself in the Northern Marianas College, taking classes by day and working as a cultural dancer for dinner shows by night. She obtained an Associate of Arts Degree with an emphasis in Education, becoming a special education teacher-aide at Kagman High School in Saipan, working to make a positive impact on her students through the education of school curriculum and life skills.

Despite an already busy schedule as a teacher, dancer, and mother of three, Halstead began a new hobby in jewelry making after spontaneously purchasing a used Dremel, a power tool used for grinding; sanding; and polishing, at a garage sale. Halstead started small by making pieces from spondylus shells to give as gifts to friends and family. In no time, the demand for her jewelry increased and she opened her business, SPN.dylus670, earning her respect as both an entrepreneur and artist.

Halstead keeps with her love of art and culture through her continued practices in dance and jewelry making. She continues to share her love of art through each piece of jewelry she makes and no longer has any hesitation to start something new, knowing she can “just quit” and move on to the next adventure.

Follow her Instagram page @SPN.dylus670.

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