Holiday Balutan Bundles

For a limited time only, purchase a special gift at a holiday price from our Magof Nochebuena Holiday Balutan Bundles! We have three bundles to choose from:

The Rosa Plush Doll and Neni, Nåna and Tåta at the Ranch in Guam Book Bundle from the Guam Treasures LLC Neni Doll Collection is a perfect gift for the young and the young at heart. The 16" Rosa Plush Doll makes for a cozy companion while snuggling up to read the book. Many who purchased from the Neni Doll Collection have gifted the bundle to their children, grandchildren, godchildren, nieces and nephews, and even their man åmko's.

The Latte in the Marianas book and a FREE Set of five Guampedia Postcards Bundle is a perfect gift for a coffee table book collector or a history buff. The vibrant images of the different latte sites throughout the Marianas accompanied with personal stories and their history make it a truly unique gift.

The Famalao'an Guåhan: Women in Guam History Book and a FREE Set of five Guampedia Postcards Bundle is an inspiring collection of stories about our island famalao'an (women) who have made significant impacts on Guam history. This is a perfect gift to inspire our young and also honor our famalao'an elders for their resilience and determination.