Estorian Inalahan: History of a Spanish Era Village in Guam

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Estorian can mean both history and story, and this book is both. Inalahan is one of the rare Guam villages that has maintained the feel of the Spanish era, and reminders of Guam’s more ancient past. In Estorian Inalahan, author Judy Flores set out to present the history of her beloved Inalahan. Yet in doing so, she not only recounts the history of a village, but an island and her people. Using the ancient material culture of Guam as a backdrop, Flores informs the reader about the lifestyle and society of ancient and Spanish era Guam. Of course no book by Flores would be complete without mention of art, music and poetry. This is a must have reference book for every one with an interest in Guam and the Pacific.



GENRE: CHamoru culture, history

BINDING: Hard Cover - 170 pages

PUBLISHER: Irensia Publications, Hagåtña, GU

PUBLICATION DATE: September 2011

ISBN: 978-0-9710385-4-7

DIMENSIONS (W x H x D): 7.25" x 9.38" x 0.81"

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Judy Selk Flores, originally from Colorado, moved to Guam at age eleven when her parents accepted teaching jobs in 1957. The family was the first off-island American family to be housed in the southern village of Inarajan, where Flores grew up immersed in the rich cultural traditions of the village. She learned to speak CHamoru fluently and married into the culture. She and her husband, Juan N. Flores, have two grown children and seven grandchildren. Artistically inclined from an early age, Judy Flores earned a degree in art education from the University of Guam and taught art in secondary school for ten years. She was the first graduate of the Micronesian Studies Masters Program in 1996, and then began her PhD studies in Arts of Oceania at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England. She received her PhD in 1999, focusing her research on the Mariana Island CHamorus’ identity through the arts. She continues to assist the revitalization of historic Inalahan through her private efforts as a volunteer.


"Estorian Inalahan is a stellar contribution to the histories of Guahan from Dr. Judy Flores' unique outsider (lagu) and insider (haya) cultural perspectives."
- Dr. Lawrence Cunningham, retired History of Guam professor and author of Ancient Chamorro Society
"Although there are other history writings of Guam that I have read before, I have not come across anything so comprehensive such as this when detailing the lives of how people lived and the events that had taken place on a specific village or location. Writing about Inarajan at this time when our culture is in dire need of rehabilitation could not be any sweeter than this."
- Rick Meno, Board Member, Historic Inalahan Foundation, Inc.
"In this beautiful book lies one of the most historically accurate, centuries-spanning accounts of the historic village of Inalahan. Dr. Judy Flores engages the reader from beginning to end. From never before seen photographs of documented artifacts and in site burials, to oral histories of contemporary Inalahan residents, artistically portrayed in striking murals on surviving historic homes–Dr. Flores' book, Estorian Inalahan, appeals to your every sense as you journey to understand the uniqueness of Guam and her people."
- Rosanna Barcinas, Program Officer, Guam Preservation Trust