Useful Plants of the Island of Guam

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A facsimile edition of the original 1905 publication by William Safford. Long recognized as the most comprehensive reference book about Guam’s history, natural environment and culture at the turn of the century, this book is a standard reference for historians, naturalists and others interested in learning about the island of Guam.

More than a book just about plants, Safford includes a history of the island, a physical description of the island's natural environment and the flora and fauna found there. Also, this reprint includes a description of the people and their culture, demographic information, a review of literature about Guam that was available at the Library of Congress at the time, a bibliography and listing of references. Includes 69 photo plates and a 1904 map of Guam.



GENRE: Non-fiction, Nature, Pacific, Micronesia, Botany

BINDING: Hard Cover - 416 text pages and 70 photo plates

PUBLISHER: Jillette Leon-Guerrero/Guamology Publishing, Agana Heights, GU


ISBN: 978-0-9823576-0-6

DIMENSIONS (W x H x D): 8.875" x 11.375" x 1.5"

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Publisher notes: William E. Safford, a lieutenant in the United States Navy, served as the aide to the first American naval governor of Guam, Captain Richard Leary. Safford took up residence in Hagåtña three months earlier than did Governor Leary and endeared himself to the islanders by opening up his home to them day and night. He is believed to have started the first English class on the island and became close friends with prominent Chamorros Father Jose Palomo and Don Juan de Torres, who advised him on island affairs. His passion for nature and people resulted in the publication of several volumes about Guam, including this one. Safford produced this work while working as an economic botanist with the US Government. This is probably the earliest history of Guam originally published in English. Learn more>>>