101 Amazing Facts About Guam

101 Amazing Facts About Guam

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Did you know that the ancient Chamorros believed the universe was created by a pair of brother-sister spirits named Puntan and Fu'una and that certain areas of the island are named after human body parts? Did you know that pirates frequently passed through Guam and the Marianas during the Manila Galleon Trade, which is why there are forts along Guam's western shores? Did you know that Guam was a stop on the first trans-Pacific air travel route by Pan American Airlines, and that American author Ernest Hemingway was on one of those flights? The Guampedia Foundation cordially invites you to learn some of the interesting and amazing facts about the island of Guam and the rich history and culture of its people. With historic images and original artwork, 101 Amazing Facts About Guam introduces readers to the indigenous Chamorro people of the Marianas, highlighting unique aspects of their ancient culture and society, and points out some of the important milestones in Guam history in a small, concise volume that will delight readers of all ages and backgrounds. Written for a broad audience, this book represents some of the research and information that can be found on, an educational website managed by the Guampedia Foundation that focuses on bringing greater awareness of Guam to the rest of the world.

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Genre: Non-fiction, history

Binding: Paperback - 118 pages

Publisher: Guampedia Foundation, Mangilao, Guam. Printed in Hong Kong.

Publication Date: December 2014

ISBN: 13:978-0-9848603-3-3

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About the Author

The Guampedia Foundation, Inc., is a nonprofit organization based in Mangilao, Guam. Founded in 2008, the Guampedia Foundation manages, an educational website that features the unique history, culture, society and issues of the island of Guam and its people. Guampedia originally started as a project in 2002 from an initiative by the National Endowment for the Humanities. The initiative encouraged states and territories to document and digitize their histories for an increasingly global and technological world. With the assistance of scholars, writers and community organizations, corporations, private businesses and government agencies, Guampedia now boasts a diverse collection of thousands of images, entries, epublications, and other educational materials about Guam that are freely accessible to a global audience. With financial support from the Government of Guam, private businesses and various grant-making institutions, the Foundation and Guampedia's small team of editors continually add new content and have expanded their services to include educational and community outreach, capacity building and epublication.


"This book is a great way to quickly learn about one of the least known yet fascinating histories in the world. One sitting with this and you'll be the foremost expert on Guam in your home town."
Leo Babauta, Creator of Zen Habits

"101 Amazing Facts About Guam is a must-have publication. You will be intrigued and amazed by what you learn about the beautiful, historical island of Guam."
Sherry Dixon, Author of Natural Destiny

"101 Amazing Facts About Guam is a thorough resource for Chamorros and other curious readers to learn about the rich history of Guam. This comprehensive snap shot about Guam takes on the challenging task of highlighting the complexities of Chamorro history while remaining an easily accessible book."
Jesi Lujan Bennett, University of Hawai’i Graduate Student

"Guampedia's 101 Amazing Facts brings together some well known and some not-so-familiar tidbits from Guam's history that offer an excellent and largely accessible quick reference source for history buffs, island visitors, new and longtime residents, and anyone interested in taking a glimpse into Guam's rich past."
James Perez Viernes, University of Guam History and Chamorro Studies Faculty