Chamorro Folktales Poster Set of 11

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Part of Guampedia's Chamorro Folktales commemorative poster series, these posters were originally printed for the 2014 Guam Micronesia Island Fair (GMIF), and designed by Odyessa San Nicolas. They were based on Guampedia's epublication, Chamorro Folktales, featuring 10 enduring CHamoru stories and legends. All posters in this series consist of shortened versions of the folktales and images of original artwork by local artists. The general poster features a map of Guam with locations of the folktales and a map of the Mariana Islands. Guampedia’s e-book Chamorro Folktales is available for purchase in pdf, epub and mobi format.

Chamorro Folktales poster set includes 10 story posters and one general poster. Storytelling is a treasured custom in CHamoru culture. In olden days storytelling, the retelling of family histories, the playful chamorita and mari (debate) were all considered art forms, and a master of any of these skills was considered to be as great as a warrior on the battlefield. This poster set is a great way for teachers or libraries to introduce students to these tales that reflect the unique culture of the CHamoru people and their understanding of the world around them.



DIMENSIONS: 20" x 30"

WEIGHT: 2.8 oz for each poster and 22 oz for the set.