Chamorro Folktales (FOR iPAD & KINDLE)

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Storytelling is a treasured custom in CHamoru culture. In olden days storytelling, including the retelling of family histories, the playful chamorita and mari (debate), were all considered art forms, and a master of any of these skills was considered to be as great as a warrior on the battlefield. Using various sources, Guampedia has digitized ten enduring tales and legends of the CHamoru people of the Mariana Islands. From the creation story, to tales of giants with superhuman strength, and beloved stories of Sirena, Puntan Dos Amantes and Santa Marian Kamalen, Chamorro Folktales is a great way to introduce young readers to these tales that reflect the unique culture of the CHamoru people and their understanding of the world around them. Each tale is illustrated with photographs, original artwork and borrowed artwork to produce a volume that is a pleasure to look at as well as to read with young children. Also included is a map of Guam and the Marianas archipelago to help readers relate the stories to real places and natural features around the island. Downloadable in a variety of formats for different e-book readers.



GENRE: Folktales

BINDING: e-publication (iPad and Kindle formats) - 35 pages

PUBLISHER: Guampedia Foundation, Mangilao, GU


ISBN: 978-0984860302



The Guampedia Foundation, Inc., is a nonprofit organization based in Mangilao, Guam. Founded in 2008, the Guampedia Foundation manages, an educational website that features the unique history, culture, society and issues of the island of Guam and its people. Guampedia originally started as a project in 2002 from an initiative by the National Endowment for the Humanities to encourage states and territories to document and digitize their histories for an increasingly global and technological world. With the assistance of scholars, writers and community organizations, corporations, private businesses and government agencies, Guampedia now boasts a diverse collection of thousands of images, entries, epublications, and other educational materials about Guam that are freely accessible to a global audience. With financial support from the Government of Guam, private businesses and various grant-making institutions, the Foundation and Guampedia's small team of editors continually add new content and have expanded their services to include educational and community outreach, capacity building and epublication.