Lagrimas LG Untalan

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Part of Guampedia's Women in Guam History commemorative poster series. All posters in this series consist of an image of the individual being recognized, along with a brief biography with notable accomplishments. Poster design by Odyessa San Nicolas.

Lagrimas Leon Guerrero Untalan (1911-1997) was an educator, political pioneer and cultural advocate. Born and raised in Guam, Untalan was at the vanguard of bilingual education and is remembered for translating the Guam Hymn into the CHamoru language. She was also one of the first CHamoru women to be elected to the Guam Legislature, along with Cynthia Torres, after the Organic Act of 1950 was passed.


THIS IS AN INDIVIDUAL POSTER. To order the complete series, click here.

DIMENSIONS: 20" x 30"

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