Micronesian Milestones Poster

Micronesian Milestones Poster

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Availability: Only available for pick-up at the Guampedia Office in House #3 in the Dean's Circle at the University of Guam. 


The Micronesia Milestones poster, designed by Kie Susuico, was created to promote the launch of's Micronesia Milestones Timeline. The poster depicts the maiden voyage of the Fanhigayan Guahan, a hand carved canoe made by members of Traditions Affirming our Seafaring Ancestry group (TASA), from Guam to Saipan and Rota in April 2017. At the horizon of the Fanhigayan is a traditional star chart adapted with CHamoru directional and star names written in Fino' Haya. Trailing behind the Fanhigayan Guahan are pottery-design patterns found throughout the Micronesian Region.


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Individual Poster.

Dimensions: 24"  x 16"

Weight: 2.4 oz