The Island Calls

The Island Calls

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By Roberts, Teresa Garrido

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In 1972, Felix Garrido was a former prisoner of war, a drug lord and a father of two young girls. Felix leaves his young family in California and returns to his native Guam, promising to come back for the girls but never does. Some 20 years later, his daughter, Teresa Garrido Roberts, began a search for him and finds him murdered on Guam. While the circumstances of her father’s death were heartbreaking, Teresa writes proudly of her CHamoru heritage.

Product Details

Genre: Non-fiction

Binding: Paperback - 170 pages

Publisher: Island Calls Publishing

Publication Date: May 2010

ISBN: 978-0-982699225

About the Author

Teresa Garrido Roberts is CHamoru on her father's side. Abandoned by their father when Teresa was three, she and her sisters struggled over the years, moving often and fighting for their place in the world. Her many tough experiences made Teresa strong, and in 2005 she traveled to the island of Guam to investigate the circumstances of her father's death. Teresa and her husband, Derrick Roberts, have a daughter, Nikki. They also have a granddaughter, Sadie Lynn. This true-life novel is Teresa Garrido Roberts' first book.